Detox and My Anti-Inflamatory Diet

June 11, 2012

I am really not proud of Saturday’s food consumption. Particularly the wine. I could use the excuse that it was an unusual day with dinner with friends. But Sunday was another unusual day with a pool party at cocktail hour.  On Saturday, there is an obvious show of self medication with constant snacking, a huge diner and the wine consumption. 

Now on Sunday, I did not achieve intelligence, but there was a simple element of control. I loaded up on hot sauce for my fish and egg breakfast and added even more with dinner. The big effects was a feeling of fullness so less snacking and I dropped the inflammatory popcorn. I added spices too my food and most spices seemed to have anti inflammatory properties.  It is far easier for me to add spice than drop foods that I am comfortable with . (Maybe I’ll try popcorn with hot sauce.) By the way, my older granddaughter (12 years old) is a natural hot sauce fan as is my son in law and I am beginning to understand the connection. We all need to control our minds and bodies and anti inflammatory spices seem to be part of our personal programs of self medication. I ate less on Sunday, drank slightly less on Sunday and hope I weigh the same tomorrow. (I did.)

Well the last three days are constant at 175 pounds which is ten pounds over “normal” and not a bad place to be starting my detox of all alcohol for sixteen days starting Wednesday. The last time I did this was the first three weeks in April and I started at 180 pounds.  Obviously the weight I lose during the year is pretty permanent until the Holidays when the family gets together from December to March and in those three months I pick up 15 pounds.

During this detox period, I plan to focus on anti-inflammatory combinations of foods and see if I notice a difference over the next three weeks. I naturally like spices but get tired of eating the same meal over and over and am sometimes too lazy to enjoy any type of cooking other than grilling while having a glass of wine and listening to and watching the sea. For three weeks I can pretty much endure anything so I will be fairly diligent about sticking to my diet especially as I am now starting to redevelop my focus without picking up any negative side effects other than perhaps a little too much wine.

This is what I ate and drank over the weekend.

Saturday’s Food Consumption

Consumption                 calories    protein    inflammation

tea 2 cups green                 0                   0               12

peanuts 1.6 oz                  260                13               11

Moon Fruit     6                  90                 3

small cucumber                   8                    0                  0

eggs 2                               154                  12            -102

Mango (cup)                      107                   1              -15

Popcorn                             193                   6              -158

carrots                                  67                   2                270

garbanzos                           286                 12               -127

Steak 8 oz rib eye               484                 68                 17

Potato(smaller portion)        278                  7                -179

fruit salad cup plus               75                    1                -21

1 3/4 bottle wine                 1110                   0

Total                                    3112                125             -292

Target                             2000- 2200         60-175           50

Sunday’s Food Consumption

tea 2 cups                                0                       0                8

peanuts 1.6 oz                        260                   13               11

Moon Fruit 6                             90                     3

Mango (cup)                            107                     1               -15

garbanzos                                286                   12              -127

tilapia fish   (3 oz)                     144                   28                84

eggs 1                                        77                     6                -51

Hot Sauce 2 tsp                                                                     700

carrots                                        67                     2                 270

Potato(smaller portion)              278                    7                -179

Sour cream  2T                            54                    1                 -31

Chicken drumstick 2 pc              325                   36               -100

Hot sauce 2 tsp                                                                        700

1 1/2 btl. wine Merlot                   975                    0

Total                                            2740                 109             1555

Target                                     2000- 2200          60-175            50

BTW, the Inflammation Factor is a registered Trademark of and seems to provide some benefit so if I were them, I would defend my knowledge base against encroachment by suing anyone who doesn’t reference them.


The Original Fat savage

June 11, 2012

The Fat Savage Fishing and Drinking Beer

The Fat Savage Logo

Actually, the original blog under the “Fat Savage” title was started in 2006, and is now off-line. It was a very angry diet blog. My wife had created a fantastic business with 22 employes who were robbing her blind. of cash, time, hours and even parallel production for their friends and family.  In the midst of this she changed physiologists and the new one blamed me for her lifetime of depression. She also stopped mediating so she could continue smoking even though she  already had emphysema. After 40 years of marriage, our life together was on the edge.  She was no longer interested in sex and all I dreamed of was food, sex, alcohol and driving my sports car too fast.  I was 61 and still pretending that ADHD was a kids problem and a joke in adults.

Of course we were both wrong, and fortunately, we were both bright enough to understand that everything had to stop especially her screaming at me when she blacked out from oxygen deprivation and didn’t know what she was doing. When the kids got involved on both sides with a debate over who had failed the most, it became ugly and I told her it had to stop before the grandchildren got involved or I would divorce her and drag us both into financial ruin as her business really needed the both of us.

Through love, she regained control and our marriage survived. She became a little more discreet  with her smoking and I became a little more discrete with my girlfriend. We settled into a life of love for the next three years and the whole family healed from our very bad year and then she died and the business failed without her. I am not really ashamed about the rudeness of  that rather truthful blog describing the disgusting effects that obesity has on bodily functions including the ability to breath, control your bowls and even successfully make love;  I am just no longer angry enough to be that rude.

The most amazing thing is that I have recovered in all three areas and it is just the ability to control my mouth and focus on work that needs a little recovery. The top picture is the second one I used on my blog as I began to mellow a little after that angry year.  The first ones were  a bunch of naked pictures of me on my home page in my full glory between 250 pounds and 265. Naturally a diet motivated by anger and my lust for sex was not likely to succeed in the long run and it didn’t.

Beat the Fat Savage

My new picture is the “stamp out” symbol over my Fat Savage logo.  I am now ready to transform into a mellow Poppa John, if I can just resolve a few of the lingering ADHD symptoms.

Oh well, “It’s a goal!” 

The Autism & ADHD Diet

June 10, 2012

I’m having a little trouble with the clustering of ADHD and Autism as a family of diseases to be treated in the same manner. My problem with this as a scientist is if you keep seeking erroneous solutions to a problem you will never solve it. Some recent work on DNA suggested that there might be overlapping genetic abnormalities that link the two diereses and it didn’t really seem plausible to me. I have a lifetime of experience with ADHD and have also closely observed Autistic children. I decided to check the original work and found one of the quickest jumps from conjecture to conclusion that I have seen in years.

In a study of 248 children with ADHD there were 22 (or 9%) with a specific type of abnormal gene that matched an abnormal gene in a few Autistic Children. With 91% of the group, there was no relationship at all.

The same study included 348 Autistic Children and there were only 9 with the same Gene. That means that 97% of the Autistic Children had no genetic overlap with ADHD. If there is a genetic link, scientists better keep on looking because the reality is exactly the opposite of the results.

In an auditorium of 600 children, about 60 will have severe ADHD and perhaps another 30 will have a milder form of ADHD or perhaps ADD which is definitely a part of ADHD. Of those 90 children with ADHD only one will be Autistic. There will be one other autistic child in the room. Now my problem is that there is a cult following of the Autism and ADHD Diets being used as part of a treatment program for both diseases and there are many books and websites devoted to the topic without much scientific study. If the Diet really works for the 89 kids who have ADHD alone, there is no reason to believe it will work for the two autistic children but they probably won’t or can’t complain.

If the diet doesn’t work for all 89 of the ADHD children, they probably won’t complain but learn to cope the same way ADHD people have been coping for generations. The easiest choice would be to eat more, get fat or obese by eating more of what they are served and then get a calming effect that goes with the food obsession. They may also seek cigarettes, sex, love, alcohol and marijuana to increase their dopamine so they can get the focus they need to survive in school.

In high school and college I did everything on that list and the only thing that saved me was organized sports. I loved the adulation from being good and the exercise also increases dopamine. I could also eat everything in sight and not get fat because of the high energy burn in sports. You could also take risks with your body and get a real adrenalin rush.

When my daughter, who is somewhat normal, asked about how to handle her ADHD kids, she knew she came to the real family expert. I told her they needed lots of love including hugs and verbal praise. They needed to be physically active to a point others might consider it excessive. As to foods, feed the brain. Fish and almost anything they like in the way of protein, whole grains, fresh or gently cooked vegetables and just observe adverse reactions and eliminate. Lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables like in salads. The oldest is 12 and doing excellent in sports and school with only occasional symptoms that someone might question. The younger girl has not yet fallen into a pattern and still bounces off walls. Only God knows the future on her treatment but we are hoping that we all find the path without medication.

At my house, I have an artificial rock wall that leads to the roof and is exited by a fire pole. There is also a real cliff with a repelling rope and a 70 foot zip slide across a gully. There are plenty of ways to take risks and feed their adrenaline needs. In the morning, I also walk them for a swim and back after an hour or two in the sea. The walk down and back is three miles. Mid day is quiet time with structured school work and no one complains about the break. About 4 pm, I drive them back to the pool for a swim while I have my glass or two of wine. I do this for about 3 weeks each summer and have for the past four years. There is rarely a meltdown because the loss is too great. A meltdown means they need more rest so they lose all privileges and are sent to bed for a two-hour nap. If they scream, I request that they do it louder as it is music to an old mans ears. They will never know I can’t stand it. So keep my secret.

I know that this is close to the way I was raised and it worked for me and seems to be working for my granddaughters and Son-in -law. I don’t have any idea if this will work for anyone else but there is a certain element of science in raising their dopamine levels in a natural way so they avoid uncontrolled risks and stimulants.

Focus is a Funny Word!

June 9, 2012

I need to focus right now on a new business that I hope will earn me a decent living. As of today, I am broke and “Land Poor.” I sort of intentionally invested in land on the Island of St. Croix which is where I live.  I have made a decent amount of money buying low and selling high and was unconcerned about my retirement funds as I would sell land as needed. I have no carrying costs as local land taxes are very low and all of the properties are paid for.  Then one of the largest refineries in the world shut down and destroyed the local economy. It is not that land prices have dropped, nothing is selling at any price so now I am temporarily broke. To solve my financial problems I have to focus which is a very funny word.

I mean focus describes a problem but to solve a problem you have to know the cause and in my case I have three cause that are impacting my ability to focus.

First, I have chronic pain but when I am really stoked, I can pretty much ignore it.

Next, today is the day I must pay bills but because I am broke, I am procrastinating instead of just doing it and moving on to planning my business. Since I will still be poor unless I win the lottery, I may as well take the time to go buy my lottery tickets.

Finely, my very active ADHD has kicked in since I lost 100 pounds and no longer use food to feed my brain. I use wine at night and it relaxes me but it puts me to sleep.  The other things which can increase dopamine other  than pescribed stimulnts make a petty dangerous list and I have done most of it except drink a lot of water or use cocaine.  Sex, eating, taking risks, exercising, achieving goals, or drinking water, all increase dopamine. Alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and other addictive substances have a remarkable ability to elevate levels of dopamine. Falling in love, buying lottery tickets, eating chocolate also increase dopamine. We get a much bigger blast of dopamine eating high-calorie foods than we do low-calorie foods. Ok so the only thing which might really help without a lot of dangerous side effects seems to be falling in love and regular sex.

When you are flat broke and can’t afford to take a woman on a date, finding someone who is half your age or less is a very improbable event.  I either lower my expectations or continue with fuzzy thinking.  Guess I’ll take a break and go buy some lottery tickets.

False Hope to solve my problems is better than no hope at all.

A Day of Focus

June 9, 2012

Today was a day of focus and I don’t know why. I dropped all candy, caffeine, coconuts, and beer over the past few weeks because of a lack of focus and last night suffered from the worse withdrawal and lack of focus for several days. It was my worst night since I started elimination testing. I have been religious on all four food items until yesterday when I had 2 daytime beers with a friend after hard manual labor. I slept poorly which I never do, woke up in cold sweats, and had terrible dreams where my mind was flooded with thousands of ideas at one time. I thought I was the “Improbability Drive for the Ship Traveling to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.” I had blamed coffee and candy for my jitters, but the only thing I did different was the beer so that has to be an issue.  I will never say never again, but will be more careful to save that indulgence for when I don’t need to focus.

Of course this means that I want to test the harm from candy because I quit all four at the same time and like candy more than beer, coffee or coconuts! So much for non-professional elimination testing  of foods. and beverages.

The Fat Savage Transformation!

June 8, 2012

Hello World!!

Starting a new Journey!!

I am a Type A personality with Type O blood. I lived with obesity for 43 of my 67 years on earth. I lived with high blood pressure for 32 but only took medicine for about 8 years. I have had a lifetime of unmedicated ADHD and treated it myself with sex, drugs, food, exercise, alcohol, nicotine and the love of a perfect family.  Over the past three years, I have shed 101 pounds and kept 90 off. This has made the Attention Deficit Disorder portion of my ADHD worse.  I am now on a journey to learn to treat it with my diet and wine. I have good days and bad but am starting to understand that items that used to help me cope, ie beer, some foods and coffee, are now poisons to my mind.  I have learned to control the weight and learned to love exercise, I now have to learn to focus again after a lifetime of making good money in a variety of fields because of my ability to focus once my mind was saturated with dopamine from all my bad habits. I want to regain the focus without weird supplements, bad habits, foods or obesity. If Jesus Christ didn’t eat it I want to avoid it.